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Website / Computer Services

Are you ready to sell your products online?  Our tech admins are experienced in setting up advanced Shopify sites and can handle your project!  From 1 product to hundreds, with design and payment processing and everything in between.

Whether you need a simple landing page or a complete data driven e-commerce website, our highly experienced web developers can make your vision a web reality.  Your content, custom graphics, curated articles, whatever you need.

You can have the greatest website in the world but if no one can find you, or you don’t appear in searches, you aren’t benefitting from all that hard work.  Let our SEO experts optimize your website with the proper keywords, meta tags and other tricks of the trade.

Does your computer’s hard drive look like a messy roadmap?  We can create folders and categorize your documents, back up your computer and even copy your drive to the cloud for safe keeping!

One of our most requested services!  Customer service emails, frequently asked questions, spam emails, and knowing which emails you need to read immediately, your Inbox Manager will learn to handle these for you and save you countless hours!

Just not sure how to set up for that webinar or Zoom (or Streamyard or other platform) meeting on your computer?  Let one of our A/V technicians work with you to get you going.  We can even schedule your meetings and notify all the parties for you!

A website is a living, evolving thing and needs to be maintained.  Not just updates to the content, but backups, updating plugins and other maintenance duties must be performed to keep it running at optimum performance.  We can handle that for you.

Setting up your email client can be very confusing.  Knowing the mail servers, ports, IMAP or POP and getting everything just right to make it all work right can be frustrating.  We can remote in and handle that for you!  Outlook, Gmail and other email clients as well.

Set up your CRM software and enter all those business cards you have collected, or keep your existing CRM database up to date!  No CRM?  We can enter into your spreadsheet if you prefer!

Just not sure what to write on your website?  You know what you want to say but not how to translate it to the webpage?  Work with one of our copywriters, tell them your story and let them craft your words for you!  We can do product descriptions, picture captions and more!

Maintaining a blog can be a full time job in itself!  If you write the blog post, we can edit and format it, create or curate the graphic to go with it and post it on your blog for you.  We can keep track of the replies and maintain the blog for you!  Save you hours of work!

You won that client with your fabulous proposal, now let us handle the tedious process of onboarding them into your system.  We will Wow them with your welcome kit (which we can help develop), handle all the emails and forms, send the contract for E-signature and finalize the deal so you can get started!

A Detailed Breakdown of Our Offerings

Your Outsource Resource

Bolster.Biz is your primary Outsource Resource offering the best in US-based Virtual Assistants, Experts and Providers of all the Business Services necessary to support your growing business.

Social Media​​ Services

Anything having to do with your online presence across all social platforms.

Marketing Services

Making sure the world hears your message and knows your brand, product and service.

Graphic Design Services

Creating or providing the right images to go with your message, brand or product.

Administrative Services

Handling the back end of the office so you can work on business development.

Bookkeeping Services

Keeping accurate records of sales, income and expenses, invoicing and detailed reports.

Website & Computer Services

Your interface with the digital world through the internet and your computer security.

Customer Service Tasks

The most important business relationship, between you and your customers and prospects.

Audio & Video Services

Technical handling, setup and editing of your video, podcast and other digital products.

Business Legal Services

Handling the red tape of starting, insuring, protecting and licensing your business.

Personal Concierge Services

Handling the red tape of starting, insuring, protecting and licensing your business.

Specialty & Other Services

Our most requested packages and specialty industries, along with other one time services.

What else do you need?

Don't see your need listed? Contact us with your specifics and we will develop a plan to serve you!

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