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No.  Bolster.Biz is a business services company that also offers Virtual Assistant service packages to those entrepreneurs or companies specifically looking for them.  We typically find that once we talk to a client they are actually only looking for one or two specific services that we can provide for them directly.

At Bolster we offer a complete payroll service for companies with 2-200 employees or more. Your payroll plan can be customized to fit your needs and schedule. Fully automated and you have full web access to your data.

Expense reports coming in from too many employees?  We can audit those reports, reconcile them and approve them for you based on your criteria, saving you time and headaches.  Weekly, monthly or reports by employee provided.

Our invoicing service is perfect for service companies or those with recurring charges who need monthly electronic or paper invoices sent out.  This service can be combined with our Accounts Receivable service for collections calls and follow ups.

No.  The Bolster.Biz in-house team is usually the resource you are outsourcing to!  We handle the majority of the projects with our own people, on-site at one of our locations.  Only when there is a specific specialized skill set or expertise needed is your project handled by one of the highly-vetted experts we contract with.

Making sure you are paid what you are due is our duty.  Reminder calls, follow up calls and past due letters, to collection calls and full collection actions if necessary.  Combine with our Invoicing service and we can handle it all for you!

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