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We Are Bolster.Biz

Bolster at its core is a business services outsourcing agency, originally started in 1997 by owner and Director Shadoe Gray in Torrance, California.  Through its evolutions over the years it has become a leading provider of not only the extensive business services for business start up and growth it has become known for, but for the expanded virtual services now available across the United States and even as far as Africa, Canada and the U.K.

Your Outsource Resource

What sets Bolster apart is that its Director and its team members have worked in literally dozens of different industries and have first hand knowledge and experience in those fields, thereby lessening the learning curve for your specific business.  All of our virtual assistants are either directly full time on our staff or are fully vetted experts in their specialties, and all are based in the U.S.  You will have one Account Manager assigned to you and that person will be your project manager and point of contact for all of your projects.

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Our Industry Experience

Real Estate

Restaurant and Bar

Medical Billing



Accounting and Tax


Network Marketing



Shopify / ECommerce


Food Services


Social Work




IT / Computer



Physical Fitness




Chambers of Commerce




…and more

Your Business. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We take every business assignment personally, as if we are running our own companies.  As a Business Start Up Expert our Director has helped to start over 400 businesses and knows how crucial every step in the process is to the outcome of the enterprise, and she has trained that into every member of the Bolster team.

A Detailed Breakdown of Our Offerings

Your Outsource Resource

Bolster.Biz is your primary Outsource Resource offering the best in US-based Virtual Assistants, Experts and Providers of all the Business Services necessary to support your growing business.

Social Media​​ Services

Anything having to do with your online presence across all social platforms.

Marketing Services

Making sure the world hears your message and knows your brand, product and service.

Graphic Design Services

Creating or providing the right images to go with your message, brand or product.

Administrative Services

Handling the back end of the office so you can work on business development.

Bookkeeping Services

Keeping accurate records of sales, income and expenses, invoicing and detailed reports.

Website & Computer Services

Your interface with the digital world through the internet and your computer security.

Customer Service Tasks

The most important business relationship, between you and your customers and prospects.

Audio & Video Services

Technical handling, setup and editing of your video, podcast and other digital products.

Business Legal Services

Handling the red tape of starting, insuring, protecting and licensing your business.

Personal Concierge Services

Handling the red tape of starting, insuring, protecting and licensing your business.

Specialty & Other Services

Our most requested packages and specialty industries, along with other one time services.

What else do you need?

Don't see your need listed? Contact us with your specifics and we will develop a plan to serve you!

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800-568-8169 info@bolster.biz

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