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How to Improve Your Productivity in the Workplace

time management and increasing productivity in the workplace

During the week, I think it is fair to say we all want to feel more productive and get stuff done! However, it is easy for business owners to fall into a rut for a week and think that they did not achieve everything they wanted to do for their company. It does not matter who you are or where you work, everyone is looking for ways to be more productive on the job.

Cut Down Your Checklist

It is always satisfying to cross off everything on your checklist at the end of the day. However, you cannot expect to complete 30 tasks during your eight hour work day. Try cutting down your checklist by splitting the tasks among a couple days. This will allow you to focus on the task at hand and allow you to prioritize what you need to do for the week.

Stop Trying to Multitask

Psychologists have found that multitasking is a myth. It really should be called switch tasking, as our brains are quickly switching from one task to another. When you try to multitask, you are depleting your energy and losing time to work on other projects. Instead of trying to do multiple things at once, focus on one task at a time. Less is more in this instance and once you integrate this tip into your work life, you will be more productive.

Take Control of Your Mornings

The mornings are a time for you to map out what your day is going to look like. During this time, you can create a structured checklist and group together tasks and errands that you need completed. Experts encourage business leaders to schedule meetings in the afternoon and work on the more difficult and time consuming tasks in the morning. This is due to the fact that we usually have more energy and brain power at the start of our days and are able to execute tasks more efficiently.

Break Up Your Work Day

When you start to feel an ache in your brain during the work day, this is a sign for you to take a break. Small breaks throughout the day allow you to be more productive. Whether you go on a short walk, eat lunch, or grab a snack, these small breaks allow you to come back to your projects recharged and you will be able to complete them with more efficiency.

Identify Distractions that You Face Daily

All of us have distractions that become time thieves, but most of us do not even know what they are. It could be something as simple as turning off email and social media notifications, as they grab your attention away from the work you are doing. If you can identify your biggest time thieves, the activities or situations that throw you off course, and distract or interrupt you, you will be immediately more productive. If you aim to just change even one of your biggest time thieves that you have recognized, your results will greatly improve overnight. As long as you work to break the bad habit you recognize and correct it. Think about one thing, that if you changed right now, would have the biggest positive influence on your productivity. Write this down, think about what causes or contributes to this and what your solution will be moving forward.

Add a Team Member Who Can Help You Balance the Workload

Most times we think that we can juggle everything, but this will ultimately leave business owners tired and cause them to overextend themselves. The worst thing that you want to do is stretch yourself out too thin. It is not a sign of weakness for you to ask for help with your business. Imagine how much more productive you could be with generating sales leads and working on projects for customers with another set of hands to help you with the work you do not enjoy.

For example, it is easy to hire a virtual assistant for data entry, CRM management, social media management, etc. Hiring an assistant will allow you to focus on your business and the tasks you enjoy within your work week. You will immediately see a surge of productivity when you start to delegate tasks to others that you can trust with your day to day personal and business tasks. Start implementing these productivity-oriented tasks today to see an improvement in your life and during your work week.

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